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Why You Need a Periodontist on your Dental Implant Team

The status of your gum and bone tissue plays an important role in the success of your dental implants. If you have chosen implants as your method for tooth replacement, you need an expert that understands the environment your implants need in order to be successful. A periodontist can provide the most lucrative environment, making your implant surgery a success.

Evaluation Before Dental Implants

Only a periodontist knows the true status of your gums. If we evaluate your gums and discover that there is current periodontal disease or even gingivitis, we can treat the condition before providing you with implants. This will ensure a greater likelihood of success with your surgery and your ability to heal. Implants that are placed with the presence of other infections can fail or make recovery very difficult for the patient.

Understanding your Bone Mass

As a dentist that specializes in gum and bone tissue, we will be able to determine your level of bone mass and whether or not it is adequate for dental implants. Without adequate bone mass, implants do not have a solid structure to adhere to, making it difficult for them to be successful. Your existing jawbone is what the implants rely on, without it, the surgery could fail. If we find that there is not enough bone, we can recommend that you receive bone grafting before the implants, allowing your team of specialists to work together to create the most successful outcome for you.

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